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Terrence and Ezen’s Fun Small Wedding at Firehouse Chicago

Terrence and Ezen love food. They’re not experts in the kitchen but they love choosing a recipe, shopping for ingredients, cooking and enjoying their chosen meal. They also love their friends, and have amassed a pretty fabulous collection of humans, most of whom would meet for the first time at their wedding. It was only natural that their main goals for their day were to get their friends to meet each other, and to eat amazing food together.

Among the many personal details, Terrence and Ezen included lots of food puns in their programs and signage, and they prepared a very special bingo game to that required that their guests chat each other up in order to find the correct answers and fill up the corresponding squares. As a special incentive, they even had prizes drawn at the end of the evening for those who completed their cards correctly!

But my absolute favorite part of the day (and they certainly didn’t make it easy for me to choose just one moment) was their unity ceremony. Instead of ligthing a candle or pouring sand or planting a seedling, they had a sourdough starter ceremony, with the goal of baking the resulting bread a month after their wedding day. How creative!!

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