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New Year, Big Dreams!

January 1, 2024

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It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, which is a very sad statement for a communications graduate who ghostwrites for some of your favorite wedding artists. Throughout my life I’ve avoided making start of the year resolutions or, in the few times that I’ve set goals for myself, I’ve abandoned more often than none. It’s not that I lack determination or resolve; I’m pretty certain that I’m made of 86% grit and 14% sass. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, in the past few years life has had a way to detour me quite a lot especially when I’ve had very specific plans so, instead of resolutions I now dream big and figure out how to make a few of those dreams come true.

You may think it’s all the same but let me assure you that it isn’t, at least not for me. You see, “training to run a half-marathon” is a goal, while “winning the half-marathon” is a dream (especially for me, since my athleticism level stops at “brisk walking”). Far from setting myself up for failure, this slight but very important difference allows my insanely competitive heart to figure out how exactly I’m going to dominate whatever it is that I’m big-dreaming about and then just go get it done. It might not work for everyone but it does for me.

They say that disclosing your intentions helps to hold you accountable, so in that spirit, here are some of my very big dreams for this year. They may seem silly to you but they are quite challenging to me, so I’m already thinking of ways to celebrate accomplishing them all. In no particular order, I present to you my big dreams for 2024:

365 film project

365 writing project

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Biggest goal of all: launch Bride Latina

Read a book a week

Cook a new recipe every week

Excercise (Peloton, weights, etc)

Continued education

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Whether you're eloping or hosting a party for 800 guests, here's your full guide to getting married in the Windy City

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