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On The Road (Plane) Again


April 9, 2022

Is this thing on?

My dear friends, I’m typing this post while I sit at gate K12 at O’Hare International, waiting to board the 9PM flight to Heathrow to begin the next stage of my life as an entrepreneur, photographer and human. If you’ve known me for a while, you’re aware of how much of a nomad I am. Other than my little family (#Hanniteros, #partyof4!), the loves of my life are books and traveling. If you put a great book in my hands, and I can get lost in it for hours on end, my imagination escaping reality and absorbing whatever story the author is sharing with me. I will picture the setting and hear the voices and live the book I’m reading. And when it comes to traveling, I consider my escaping even more magical, as I’m the protagonist exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods, watching other corners of the world come alive with humans who love and live and work and are just that… humans.

After staying home for a good 16 months, Eric and I ventured on a little road trip to Washington, DC last summer, then flew to New York City right before Christmas. These two short trips were much needed for my wanderer soul. For a few days, we were able to explore a few new spots, share delicious meals, take a few fun snaps and just be with each other. To say these escapades were a treat would be an understatement, especially after such a complicated time.

But this time I’m embarking on a solo trip to what is sure to be an amazing adventure. I’m heading to Europe to learn new techniques from some of the best wedding photographers in the world, and to finish the final stages of my rebrand. I’ve spent months doing a lot of work on the business side of things and now it’s time to let my artist heart grow even more.

My adventure starts in Gloucester, UK, at an old castle that has been converted into a resort. There I will spend time with other wedding photographers, learning from each other and capturing the beauty of the place and participating on two gorgeous styled photoshoots. From there I will head to Paris to explore the city on my own. I’ll have no schedule and no plans. I’ll check into my hotel, grab my camera and just go. It’s Paris, so every block, every park, every spot is filled with beauty and deliciousness. Of course, I’ll eat a lot, and I’ll drink a lot of wine, and I’ll photograph everything!! And when my three days there are up, I’ll head to Lisbon for the last leg of my adventure, where once again, I’ll meet with my peers for more learning and more beautiful photoshoots.

So here’s to my adventures abroad, to the beauty I’ll be surrounded by, and to the magic of photography that allows me to freeze and preserve moments in time. Cheers!

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