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About Sandra Armenteros


400 weddings later,

I still cry during vows


Perhaps it's because I've watched every rom-com ever made, or maybe it's because I'm ridiculously in love with life in general, but listening to a couple pouring their souls out and making for better or worst promises to each other really gets to me. It's those little details they include like 'I love how you scrunch your nose when you laugh' and 'I promise to always let your grandma squeeze my cheeks when she greets me' that give me a a good insight on who the two of you are, and how you want to build your lives together. And to be there on the day that you merge your worlds into one, well that's pretty magical.


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and have spent the past 19 years living and working in Chicago. I photographed my first wedding in 2000, my second one in 2009, and dove in full time in 2012. Since then, I've captured so many beautiful souls officially establishing their families. I'm lucky, I know this.


I'm at my best when surrounded by folks from all walks of life who walk that delicate line between honoring traditions and staying true to themselves. As you browse my portfolio galleries, I hope you enjoy the true expressions of love that I've documented for these couples and their families. If you like what you see and think we'd be a good match, reach out and let me know details of what you have planned. Hopefully you too will see yourselves in these pages sometime soon.

Get to know Your Photographer

If I wasn't a photographer, I'd probably be:

a writer

A famous person I'd love to photograph:

ⓐ Beyoncé Knowles

ⓑ Jennifer Lopez

◉ Annie Leibovitz

If I could choose my last meal it would be:

chicken piccata

Favorite activity on a rainy day:

reading & sleeping

The first live concert I ever attended was:

ⓐ Paul McCartney

◉ Menudo

ⓒ Marc Anthony

My all-time favorite rom-com:

The Holiday

Before I die I want to:

ⓐ Tandem skydive

◉ Spend a month in Italy

ⓒ Swim with sharks

Something I'm terrible at:


My favorite color:


My dream vacation:

◉ exploring a bustling city

ⓑ chilling at a tropical beach

ⓒ hiking deep in the mountains

My celebrity crushes:

Tom Hanks & Issa Rae