Our Promise

All the laughter,

the tears,

the hugs,

the kisses...

All the shennanigans,

we'll capture them so you can remember them


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Hello & Welcome!

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, surrounded by vibrant colors and lots of music. Maybe this is why some of my favorite moments to photograph occur on the dance floor. As a photojournalist, I love to watch life around me and capture loving gazes, gentle touches, belly laughs and stolen kisses.


I'm aware that even though you and the love of your life already have a history together, this is the day when you officially start your family. My team and I work hard to capture the essence of the day so that you fall in love with each other all over again every time you look at your images and re-watch your film.


I believe everyone has the right to love freely and have been fighting for marriage equality for many years. I'm based in Chicago, frequently work in Austin and the Caribbean, and I'm available to travel all over the world to document weddings in stills and films.


I can't wait to hear from you and to document the next chapter of your love story.


xo, Sandy

About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


What To Expect

We are known for providing excellent service to all our couples, from the moment we first connect over the phone to the day when we deliver your wedding album, prints and film. In addition to photography and video coverage of your day, we provide planning assistance, helping you schedule your day to ensure that you enjoy every minute of your wedding adventure. We remain calm throughout the chaos and cheer you on as you celebrate with your loved ones, and we do it all with pride, knowing that the products we create for you will bring you a lifetime of joyful memories.

Proposal planning, photography coverage, and digital negatives starting at $250.Proposals
Engagement portraits session with digital negatives, gallery print and keepsake album starting at $400.Engagement Portraits
Wedding photography coverage with digital negatives and keepsake album starting at $2,500.Wedding

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We are so thankful that we had Sandy with us to photograph our big day! She is such a pleasure to work with and her enthusiam and calm nature are contagious! Sandy shot our proposal, engagement photos and wedding day and we could not have been happier to have her with us along the way! Her attention to detail is great and she made the process quick, fun and productive! Do not hesitate to hire Sandy for any photography needs - she's the best!

Mike + Maura

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